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What happens at Merom you want to take home with you!!!



I've never posted on here before, but there's a first time for everything! I just got done with all ages two this year. And let me just say, it was awesome! I love Merom more than I could ever love another place. Merom brings so much joy into my life year after year. I have been going to AA2 for 8 years now!! And next year will be my last! *Gasp!* Haha. I don't know what I'd do without Merom! It's my retreat away from every thing life throws at me. Merom is a blessing, along with you and all the other staff (cooks, counselors, and office people).

I just wanted to let you know how much Merom means to me.

I've been going for 8 years now, and each year gets better and BETTER! My first year as a camper, Steve wanted to give anyone a chance to accept Christ that hadn't already. So I raised my hand and Lyn, sweet sweet Lyn, took me and a few others into the gym, and prayed with us. Ever since then, my life has been different. I am so thankful for Merom and the joy it has brought me and my brother. He got to be a CIT this year and of course, he loved it! I only pray that after I can no longer be a camper, God will still allow me to come, and help anyway I can.

Merom is the first place I really felt God. I felt his hands on me and I truly felt loved. I will argue with anyone that doesn't believe me that I saw an angel up in the prayer room one night my group had Vespers. God is really looking out for Merom. Merom is truly blessed.

I know there is one place I can go and no matter what I've done, how I act, or what I say, I will be loved by all at Merom. And all friends I make each year help me through all my troubles the upcoming year, until we can be reunited at camp, once again.

Merom changes people for the better. I can't put it into words to explain what I've felt in places like the Chapel, or the prayer room. All I can say is that you feel God's love all around you.

Thank you for keeping Merom running for all of us. WE LOVE YOU!!

I saw all the pictures on the website. Great job! Although pictures can't show just how much fun campers have there at Merom.

God Bless you, and God Bless Merom.


-Melissa  <><



Thank you so much for your work with the Faith Journeys Camp.  My son had such a wonderful week. He came back a different young man - even weeded the garden without being asked.  He can hardly wait for camp next year.  (Faith Journeys, of course) It reminds me of how I felt after camp at Merom some 30+ years ago.  There really is something special about Merom. I just really wanted you to know how much I appreciated your time and efforts in running this camp.  I know there is a lot involved in organizing a camp and keeping it on track as it unfolds thoughout the week.
Karen "Kay" 



Our Confirmands gave their presentations this past Sunday entitled “My Journey of Faith”.  They were amazing!  Wanted you to know that at least 4 (or more) of the 8 kids made reference to their experiences at camp at Merom and/or the Confirmation Retreat and the positive effect these experiences had on their journeys.





... Because camp at Merom is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It really is "a place to get away from everything you had". Being at Merom just lets all your emotions out, and it is kind of like therapy or something in a way, because you just know that everyone loves you and cares about you there. You really feel loved and welcomed. And more than likely, you find kids there your own age that have problems similar to your's, even at a small camp like CS. I know I found out several things about people, and people know more about me as well, than I think that would be known by people outside of that camp. The councelors and the directors are always there. The people/helpers are always there to push you on and keep you running. I conquered my fear of heights on the high ropes (and even managed a few flips in the air), I found I wasn't a nobody. I could do something worth while, and still have fun. And you have to admit.. Painting a mural of a guy on a bench, reading a newspaper.. IS FUN!!!!

Well.. that got a bit off track, but I had fun typing it. *grins*

~Rach Rae~


I'm still "reeling" from the shock of seeing the cost of a week of resident YMCA camp! (My son expressed an interest this year, since at least one of his new friends from Middle School has been to this camp.

With some of the regular "Y" programs too "young" for him, we're looking for new options for him this summer.)

At any rate (and you can quote me), I'm just writing to express what a great "value" Merom is for families in the summer. I know my children are safe, are growing in their faith, and are engaged in healthy relationship building and having lots of fun! Plus, the cost is well below some of the other camps in our area. So.... I may not have put all that on my "parent evaluation," but I just wanted to say "thanks" to you and all those involved in making Merom such a wonderful place to be in ministry! 

Faithfully, Ann


 Erin and I tried to recall exactly what was said.  We can't come up with the exact words, but I can tell you that in our large van there were 7 non-stop yakking, giggling girls that can scream very loudly in unison.  The trip is so long that the excitement builds until the moment they've waited for for one entire year is upon them. It went something like this: Look!  There's the smokestack!!! "(screeeeeeeeam)" "Look! There's the Marathon Gas station!" "(screeeeeeeeam)" " Merom , 5 miles!!!" "scareeeeeeeeeeeeee-am!!!" Then it's " Merom !!!", the sign at the city limits, and "College Hall!!!!!!!!", and even, "The Driveway!!!" (laughter) And then sighing and saying "Home, sweet home!"

 You're definitely right.  These are the kids that will start asking about Merom when they have grade school kids of their own if their church is not sending campers to Merom .  They will volunteer to get it organized and drive the kids down.





There are no words to describe a place
In between heaven and God’s sweet grace

A place where you’re free to live and to love
A place where no one snickers, but always laughs at your jokes

A place where all colors run white together
And starts those little moments that last forever

A place where nothing ever seems to end
And a place where the end of the road begins

A place where the people don’t seem like people anymore
But rather someone you’ve always known before

Before you were born, and before you ever knew
That God was always there, and He had plan for you

In that plan he wrote a note for me
To look at you and see Him smiling back at me




Spirit of Faith Journeys


When the nation is in so much turmoil over terrorism, hatred, oil;

Violence runs rampant on city streets, making it difficult for miracles and special feats;

The question gets asked, “When will it all end?” Will not a messenger God send?

And then there is a place that is right and just, a place where life is lived day by day,

A place for all eternity to drift away.


Family and Friends lend me your ears, And let slip all of your fears.

Find someone right next to you in which you can confide;

Someone who knows when behind those fears you hide. Is that not why we come here?

To be with good friends and spread our cheer in the presence of the Lord?

Who can get bored


There’s so much to do; so many Friends to make, and so much to see

All of which is accomplished though unity

There’s not one single hatred thread

Because throughout Faith Journeys, love is spread


Merom is the place where Friendship you will form and cherish,

And to forget those special lessons and values is to spiritually perish

Moral such as the 10 commandments reign on high,

From our first hello to our last goodbye


Into three different groups divided, for a bit of extra fun provided.

Genesis, Junior, Senior Highs all reach out for those heavenly bodies in the skies

Fun days make for a fun week, but if it’s adventure you seek

The ropes courses are what you need.

You can bet the only way I’ll do them is with lightning speed

Big brother /big sister is always fun,

From the bluff to the tower it’s all fun in the sun


Of course you know,

There’s more to go.

Would love to continue, but you know what they say.

My times almost up, and that’s the end of my day.









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